Morgan Ræ

2020 - the year we all took a moment to pause - laid the foundation of MxRS. It offered time & space to reflect on our values, vision, style & journey. Over this next year we will continue to share our dreams, our process, our art & our team of artists.

We created 3 audiobooks released as a podcast with music scores specially created for each episode. Ch 004 turned into a Live! performance leading to Ch 005 casting call. Each month the story takes on a new life. Here's a sneak peak at what's to come.

We hope you enjoy and tune in for more.

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Let us introduce:

MerionX - noun (single & plural)
MX - pronoun (single & plural)

Mx (usually pronounced /mɪks/ MIKS or /mʌks/ MUKS and sometimes /ɛmˈɛks/ ) is a gender-neutral title. The "x" is intended to stand as a wildcard character, and does not necessarily imply a "mixed" gender.