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Welcome to Mxrs

MxRS can be described a series, a performance, a story, a literary painting or living art.

MISSION: to be monumental.
AUDIENCE: the outsiders.
THE 411: #takeme2MxRS 


is in simplest terms, a disco ball.

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guide to Mxrs

GHíA ("GHEE" + "uh") is the guide to MxRS. Feminine in nature, it embraces masculinity with its magical space suit, allowing it to travel freely throughout the cosmos with ease, grace and style - the three pillars of knowledge it lives by.

GHíA is available for adoption! Obtain your very own here . Below are examples. Each comes with a digital instruction booklet (PDF) and a digital piece (JPG) for you to carry with you - phone wallpaper perhaps?

Pick a door, any door, it's totally up to you. If you want to come back here - Ghía will guide you.

DOOR one


2020 gave us enough fuel for the next decade - here's an intro of what's to come.

DOOR two


Thank you for all your 💜's, comments, tags & shares - virtual hugs for now!

DOOR three


Our hands touch every item & most are one (or two) of a kind for a limited time.